Garden State Girls NJ


  1. Unity
    We attend events as a group so no one is ever left alone or behind. We have each other's backs!
  2. Sisterhood
    Garden State Girls NJ are all about sisterhood. We are here to empower each other both on and off the motorcycle.
  3. All Bikes Included
    All Bikes Included
    We are an all inclusive riding group- all makes and models allowed!
  4. Learn to Safely Ride in a Group
    Learn to Safely Ride in a Group
    We'll teach you the safest and most effective ways to ride in large groups. This includes formations and hand signals.
  5. Scenic Rides
    Scenic Rides
    We frequent rides all over NJ, PA, and NY.
  6. Charity Rides
    Charity Rides
    We are always participating in an array of charity rides.
  7. Parades
    The Garden State Girls NJ have been invited to ride in several parades such as Memorial Day and Pride Day parades.
  8. Motorcycle Trips
    Motorcycle Trips
    Our group never turns down a good trip. We have frequented motorcycle conventions and rallies all over.