Riding Resources

From learning how to ride a bike to performing advanced maneuvers, planning a day trip to packing for a cross country, or simply understanding how to check your bike's tire wear, a quick search of the web will result in a lot of resources for new and experienced motorcyclists.  Garden State Girls would like to add to the plethora of resources by sharing what we have learned along our way.  Check back often to see what's new or drop us a line if you have a question or topic suggestion.

Safety First >> Always Be Prepared

Like every other sport, motorcycling can result in injury.  Add the elements of being outdoors and the possibilities of unfavorable situations increase.  A responsible motorcyclist, however, can avoid bad situations and/or maximize the chances for a best outcome if properly prepared.  Here are a few tips based on our experiences:

Keeping Warm During Winter Riding

Learn how to keep yourself warm and protected when the temp drops and the road calls.

First Aid Travel Bag

Having the right balance of first aid supplies is crucial when facing common injuries on the road.

DIY Motorcycle Maintenance >> Taking Care of T-CLOCS 

Learn more about your bike and feel comfortable when performing simple Do-It-Yourself maintenance tasks.  Here are a few basic guides to help you along your way to being "in the know":

What is T-CLOCS?

A simple check list of the important operable elements of a bike, which you should review before each ride.  Here's a great article by Ultimate Motorcycling.

Brake Pads: Thickness & Types

If you need to purchase new brake pads, here are a few points to keep in mind.

Types of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that is used in brake systems to aid in the movement of the brake pedal to actuate the brake pads at the wheels—thus stopping your bike.

Fuel Stabilizer for Winter

Know how much is enough when storing your bike during the winter or a prolonged period of time.

TCLOCS check list (downloadable pdf)
Print it out and tape it to your garage wall!

How to check and top off your brake fluid (video)
Yeah, brakes are important...and this is an easy one to check.

Winterizing Your Bike

by Patricia "Sidecar" Alonso

Ask "Sidecar"

Women motorcyclists need not be afraid or depend on others to help them with general maintenance tasks, to keep their bike tip top.  A great place to start is the owner's manual - it may sound silly, but many riders (men included) stash the manual aside and yet it's filled with the important basics of bike maintenance.  It's a beginner guide for where 'things' are located or methods to keep your bike performing its best! 

Our DIY Maintenance section has been added to our website to help you learn more about your your bike and build your confidence with common motorcycle care and feeding tasks. 

Have a general maintenance question or an idea for a future topic?  Ask "Sidecar" !

Gear & Accessories >> Product Info

The following are product references based on resources in use by members of the Garden State Girls NJ.  GSG is not endorsing these products for compensation of any type.

Viking Cycle

Viking Cycle has a large collection of motorcycle apparel. They carry products such as jackets, chaps, and rain suits made from quality material to endure the elements. 

1 800 LAW-4-HOGS

Jerry Friedman, Esq. has been riding and successfully representing injured motorcyclists for over 35 years. Being a motorcycle rider, Jerry takes an aggressive but personalized approach to the handling of his client’s personal injury claims.

CORTECH GX Air Women's Glove

When temperatures rise the perforated goatskin palm and abrasion-resistant mesh construction keep your hands cool and safe. Touchscreen compatible for use with smartphones.

Viking Bags

Viking Bags is one of the world's largest motorcycle luggage online retailers in the world.  In addition to leather and hard saddlebags, Viking Bags offers all types of bike bags (sissy bar and tank bags, windshield, tail, and trunk bags, back packs, swing arm, fork bags and too).

Motorcycle Riding Centers, Inc

Motorcycle Riding Centers is a highly rated motorcycle training school in New Jersey. Its motorcycle classes are available in West Orange and Riverdale, NJ.  They teach beginner and advanced motorcycle lessons for riders of all skill levels.

Women's Blue Detroit Steel Jeans

Kevlar® Coverage of the seat, knees, thigh and hip area.  Adjustable armor pockets at knees and thigh. Mesh lining for air circulation.

Viking Bags

Yes, Viking Bags is an international retailer providing a wide selection of motorcycle luggage.

Women's Verano Jacket

A fully ventilated sport cut jacket has heavy 600d Polyester panels on the wear and abrasion areas.  Breathable mesh, making it perfect for riding when the weather is warm. EXO-Tec® CE Certified armor is included in the elbows and shoulders.